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About the company

About the company

Company history, idea, project description.

It is considered that pulp and paper production is one of the most promising and stable branches of the Russian timber industry. The launch of new plants has not been heard of for more than 40 years.

The idea of creating the company appeared in 2019 in the context of the need to develop Russia's non-resource export potential.

Principles used by
the SPV company:

  • Responsible attitude to the environment;
  • High social responsibility;
  • High quality of corporate governance.
State Development Corporation "VEB.RF" and LLC "Rockwell Capital" have made an important decision for the timber industry – to create a deep wood processing enterprise in the Boguchansky district of the Krasnoyarsk region.

To implement the investment project, Rockwell Capital LLC established the SPV company Taiga Boguchany LLC on August 20, 2020.
О компании

The main persons of the company

Kazmin Alexey Sergeevich

Kazmin Alexey Sergeevich

General Director


Education: 1994. Leningrad Polytechnic Institute named after M. I. Kalinin, Faculty of Solid State Physics;
1998. St. Petersburg Institute of Modern Economics and Technology.
2019-2021. EMBA IMD, Switzerland.

Сompleted projects:

  • 2016-2019 JSC NIPIGAZ, Construction COUPON on MNPZ;
  • 2014-2016 LLC "STGM", Construction of the Arctic Gate terminal, Project budget 42 billion rubles.
  • 2012-2014 Sibur-Portenergo LLC;
  • 2005-2012 OJSC Vyborg pulp;
  • 2004-2005 OJSC Central Bank Management Company;
  • Work experience of 16 years.
Rapp   Anna Nikolaevna

Rapp Anna Nikolaevna

Project Director


Obninsk Institute of Atomic Energy, an environmental physicist by profession.

Сompleted projects:

  • 2014-2016 STGM LLC: Construction of the Arctic Gate terminal, Project budget 42 billion rubles.
  • 2012 Technical Customer of the Urban GROUP Development company LLC "Zakazstroy",
  • Residential complex City of Embankments, residential complex "Opalikha", residential complex "Saburovo", Project portfolio budget 60 billion rubles.
  • General contractor, JSC "ASE", 2008: PS "Molzhaninovka" -The project budget is 2.3 billion rubles.
  • General contractor CJSC "Energokaskad":
  • 2005: Reconstruction of CH needs 0,4-10 kV of JSC "Kamskaya HPP",
  • 2005: Design of "Mini CHP 6 MW - Liskinsky MEZ",
  • 2006-2007: Construction of VPU - SUE "Foundry Rolling Plant",
  • 2007: Reconstruction of VPU 262 shop 18 of JSC "ANKHK, Rosneft"
  • FSUDP "Atomtehenergo" 1998 - 2005: Participation in the implementation of the construction of the 1st and 2nd stages of the Tianwan NPP. NDP 385 ventilation and air conditioning systems of the strict regime zone of the NPP.
Chaschina Julia Ivanovna

Chaschina Julia Ivanovna

Chief Technologist of BTK


1995 Tomsk State University; Faculty of Chemistry

Сompleted projects:

  • from 2015-2021 chief technologist of the branch of JSC "Ilim Group" in Bratsk.
  • Participation in the design and implementation of large projects:
  • Construction of softwood pulp production with a capacity of 720 thousand tons of pulp per year "Big Bratsk" (JSC "ILIM Group");
  • modernization of pulp production "Siberian Express" (JSC "ILIM Group"), which includes the construction of a new evaporation station, modernization of cardboard production, construction of a new CCRI,
  • modernization of pulp production, modernization of the SRC; Construction of a new production facility for the production of crude tall oil (JSC "ILIM Group").
Goryachev  Denis Vyacheslavovich

Goryachev Denis Vyacheslavovich

Deputy Project Director for Engineering, IRD and environmental issues


Kovrov State Technological Academy, Specialty: Life safety in the technosphere, engineer.
Additional education: RANEPA, Executive MBA.

Сompleted projects:

  • Participation in major Projects:
  • "Construction of a complex for the production of propylene by dehydrogenation of propane and polypropylene with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year" (LLC "Tobolsk - Polymer");
  • "West Siberian complex of deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials (UVS) into polyolefins with a capacity of 2.0 million tons per year with facilities of the general factory economy";
  • "Construction of OPC facilities for the operation of ELOU-AVT, UZK and KGPN Gazpromneft-ONPZ";
  • "Construction of an airport in Tobolsk";
  • "Amur Gas Chemical Complex (AGHC)".
  • Work experience of 11 years.
Levchenko Andrey Viktorovich

Levchenko Andrey Viktorovich

Head of the Department MTO and Logistics


Kiev Higher Combined Arms Command School named after M.V. Frunze, with honors.
The State Law Academy.
2006 - advanced training courses for the management of companies at the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.

Сompleted projects:

  • 2016-2019 JSC NIPIGAZ-Construction COUPON on MNPZ;
  • 2010-2014 ROSATOM State Corporation-Modernization and technical re-equipment of ARGON, ZUKM and START plants, construction of a new plant for UV production in Tatarstan, creation of pilot production of fabrics and prepregs in Moscow and Dubna;
  • 2008-2009 Knauf Insulation building of the plant for the manufacture of thermal insulation, Tyumen;
  • 2000-2006 SAN GOBEN is the site of the IZOTEK-ISOVER thermal insulation plant, Yegoryevsk.
  • 20 years of work experience.


Описание проекта

A modern pulp mill is a highly efficient bio-complex for the production of commercially profitable products with high added value.

The project is being implemented using the best available energy and resource efficient technologies. The project site is located in the village of Boguchany on the banks of the Angara River, 563 km from Krasnoyarsk. The project has a short transport distance for the delivery of finished products to China. A single-line line with one digester and one drying machine was chosen as a production principle.

The implementation of the project will ensure:

  • contribution of the forestry complex to the Russian economy
  • increase in the share of Russian cellulose products in the world market
  • increase in the share of added value of forest products

Project passport

Biotechnological complex for deep processing of wood
Organization of pulp production
Implementation period
2020 - 2025
Form of implementation
Taiga Boguchany LLC
VEB. Russian Federation, LLC Rockwell Capital
The designer
The cost of the project
160 billion rubles